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Click to enlargeWarbirds WW II/Korean Conflict-War

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55% Cotton / 45% Rayon

RJC Brand

Made in Hawaii - Vintage Print

Warbirds Men's Hawaiian RJC Kalaheo Aloha Shirt is Availalbe in Blue, Brown and Gray.

B-29 SuperFortress - Long-range heavy bomber. The Enola Gay, the bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb, code-named "Little Boy".
F4U Corsair (Whistling Death) - World War II and Korean War.
P-51 Mustang - Today's most recognized WW II warbird. Designed and built in a record 117 days.
P-40 Warhawk - The Flying Tigers 'Shark-Mouth' airplane.
P-38 Lightening - High altitude interceptor.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: 04/"Just received my Maui Shirt Warbird design. I absolutely love it. Shipping was fast and reliable. I have only one point to make...the plane on the right sleeve is mislabeled as a "Mustang" when in reality it is a "P-40 Warhawk" as indicated by the shape of the nose/cowling and the tiger mouth/teeth design.I am sure you may have heard this before though. Just wanted to let you know of the error. PS: No two shirts are identical. The print images on each shirt will be different on each individual shirt.

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Kalaheo LabelRJC Brand maker's of fine Aloha apparel since 1953.

Warbirds (Vintage Print) WWII / Korean conflictRegular $90.00Sale $68.99


Vietnam War Airplanes Helicopters
Pearl Harbor Remembered Dec 7th 1941 shirt
Vietnam War Airplanes Helicopters

Pearl Harbor Remembered Dec 7th 1941 shirt

Regular $90.00
Sale $70.99

Men's Hawaiian Shirt - Style 250, Style 254, Style 255, Style 258 & Style 259
Best Quality Hawaiian Aloha Shirt - RJC Brand / Kalaheo Lable
Size Chart
Shirt Measurements
NECK Opening Minimum
14 3/4
15 3/4
16 3/4
17 3/4
18 3/4
19 3/4
47 1/2
50 1/2
53 1/2
57 1/2
61 1/2
65 1/2
BACK Length
28 1/4
29 1/8
30 7/8.
31 3/4
32. 5/8
Across Shoulder
20 3/4
21 1/2
22 1/2
23 1/2
24 1/2
Across Back
18 3/4
19 1/2
20 1/4
21 1/4
22 1/4
23 1/4
Sleeve Length
10 3/8
10 3/4
11 1/8
11 1/2
11 7/8
Sleeve Opening
16 1/2
17 1/2
18 1/2
19 3/4
22 1/4

Note: These measurements are taken from ACTUAL SHIRTS and NOT from your body. The Back Length measurements are taken from the middle top of the collar down to the bottom of the shirt hem.
CARE & CLEANING: Dry Clean or Machine wash in COLD water, use a DELICATE cycle, DO NOT use bleach, tumble dry in cool temperature, touch up if necessary with a cool iron.

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