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    General Information is the world's largest online seller of made in Hawaii clothing, and we're proud to offer the most extensive collection of quality name brands found anywhere, such as: Paradise Found, R.J. Clancey, Kalaheo, Shannon Marie, Diamond Head Sportswear, Pineapple Juice, HIC - Hawaiian Islands Creations, Two Palms and so many more.

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    Questions (Maui | Hawaiian Islands | Aleutian Time: 808-661-1536. MauiShirts features made in Hawaii and shipped from Maui clothing manufactured in Hawaii.

    A 2018 brand name's List. Some have been creating Polynesian, Hawaiian and tropical prints and styles for more than fifty years: Paradise Found, Waimea Casuals, RJC, Robert J Clancey, Kalaheo, Puanani & Shannon Marie, Two Palms, Bamboo Boxer, Pacific Legend and Rainbow Jo. New prints and aloha styles are added frequently. MauiShirts offers an unmatched assortment of cotton, made in Hawaii, matching Family Outfits from infants to grandpa and grandma. In the Hawaiian language they would be called Keiki (Children) to Tuku Kane or tutu kane or simply TuTu. Type most any polynesian, tropical, hawaiian word or short phrase, print name, or specific STOCK NUMBER to view images related to your search.

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    The images depicted on all pages of any Hawaiian shirt or Hawaiian dress is a random selection of the print. There are no two prints that are identical; every man's shirt print, boy's shirt print, girl's or women's dress print will be slightly or somewhat different., Inc., Michael (Mickey) B. Steinborn reserves the right to do, or not to do, business with you.
    If you attempt fraud, are abusive or rude in your communications your email address, name will be removed from our monthly email special sales., Inc. will not tolerate rude and disrespectful people. We do business with a spirit of Aloha. We practice Aloha. We will not accept new orders from any customer if untrue, unfounded, negative remarks, feedback is posted in the Yahoo public forum. The Yahoo public forum is something we enable for you. It is there for us to improve our service to you and others. It is not there for you to make unwarranted remarks or comments.

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