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Click to enlargeInter-Island Airways - ( Seaplanes )<br>Men's Hawaiian<br>Aloha Shirt<br>Embroidered<br>Jacquard

100% Rayon

RJC Brand - Kalaheo Label

Made in China

Inter-Island Airways - Seaplanes - S38 Sikorsky, Flying Boat, circa 1929.

Men's Hawaiian Aloha Embroidered Jacquard Shirt Sold Out in all sizes and colors. The print has been discontinued; it will not be made again - there is no more fabric.

"Looks and feels like silk."

Intricate jacquard with embroidered images on the pocket and 9" X 13" back side. Jacquard is a fabric with an elaborate woven pattern produced on a Jacquard loom.

A little history and facts: With as many as 12 seats, 900 hp, and amphibious capabilities, the S-38 was a very useful airplane. Used by both corporate operators and airlines, the airplane proved itself as a long term airliner in several parts of the world. With its retractable landing gear, the airplane could be taxied in and out of the water, thus eliminating the need to load passengers at sea and also eliminating the need for a runway at either end of the trip. The S-38 has a boat-like fuselage with two sets of wings. One pair of wings is attached to the hull, the second wing is a single unit mounted above the fuselage and supported an arraignment of angled struts and spars. Two engines are mounted under the upper wing, each in line with the paired booms supporting the tail. A Sikorsky S-38-A has a 40' hull, a 71' foot wingspan, and is just less than 14' in height. It weighs 6,000 lbs (2,727 kg) empty, and has a maximum takeoff weight of 10,480 lbs (4,764 kg). Its top speed is 120 mph, can reach an altitude of 16,000 feet, and has a range of 750 miles on a single load of fuel. The plane has a crew of two and can carry 10 passengers.

The airplane was ideal for inter-island work; four were used for many years in Hawaii. Johnson's Wax also used an S-38 as an executive airplane, and it proved itself very useful in a South American exploration flight in search of Carnauba trees. The company commissioned a replica of this airplane and reenacted the trip to South America. There was a single-engine version of this basic design, the S-39, which was also a very successful airplane for Sikorsky Not the most elegant flying boat, being variously described as the "Ugly Duckling", "Flying tadpole", "The Explorer's Air Yacht" and "A collection of airplane parts", the S-38 was the first commercial success for the fledging Sikorsky Corporation. Being amphibian, the design was very versatile. Pan American operated the S-38 primarily around the Caribbean.

The original S-38 came from the fertile mind of Igor Sikorsky. The S-38 was the Sikorsky Aircraft Company's first flying boat to see wide production. Somewhere between 90 and 100 were built and sold. The plane saw service with Pan American Airways and the U.S. Army. Numerous private individual purchased and flew the S-38; Charles Lindberg, who surveyed part of South American and the Pacific for Pan Am; filmmakers Martin and Osa Johnson, who used a zebra-stripped S-38 called "Osa's Ark", and a giraffe-patterned S-39 named "Spirit of Africa" to explore Africa from the air, and famous aviator Howard Hughes, who intended to fly his S-38 around the world. The success of the S-38 helped bankroll the Russian engineer for his most challenging design yet: another type of aircraft called a helicopter.

Imagine this wonderfully sleek, 1930's-era speedboat, handcrafted in expensive hardwoods and lavishly decked out in cabin upholstery, curtains and appointments befitting a classy yacht. Now rig up a couple of wings and slap on two 450-hp Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior engines, and you've got the quintessential Terry and the Pirates-era amphibian: the Sikorsky S-38 Flying Boat. The handcrafted stringers and elegant lines of the "hull" favor the lines of a classic speedboat more than an airplane. It's only with the wings and the addition of two Pratt & Whitney engines that the craft's true mission becomes evident.

Please USE THE SIZE CHART. This shirt is made larger than most R. J. Clancey Rayon Shirts. The size chart measurements are accurate.Click for a larger image of S-38 plane

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Inter-Island Airways - Embroidered


Early Flight Men's Rayon Blend Shirt
Bamboo Courage Embroidered small or medium aloha shirt
Early Flight Men's Rayon Blend Shirt

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Bamboo Courage Embroidered small or medium aloha shirt

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Men's 100% Rayon "Embroidered" Hawaiian Aloha Shirts - Kalaheo Label.

Note: These measurements are taken from the actual shirts and not from your body. The Length measurements are taken from the middle top of the collar down to the bottom of the shirt hem.
CARE & CLEANING: Dry Clean or Machine wash in cool water, use a delicate cycle, DO NOT use bleach, tumble dry in cool temperature, touch up if necessary with a cool iron.

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