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Click to enlargeMaui Grown Hawaiian Plumeria Cuttings<br>Perfect Hawaiian Souvenirs

  • Our Maui grown plant and seed products are the only brand in Hawaii that has received the prestigious Hawaii Seal of Quality.
  • This is your guarantee that our products are grown in Hawaii and adhere to the strict quality guidelines the seal requires.
  • When visiting Hawaii, you can see the vibrant tropical colors of Hibiscus in gardens and landscaping throughout the islands.
  • Most commonly grown as ornamental plants in the Hawaiian Islands are the Chinese Hibiscus (Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis).
  • The Hibiscus represents royalty and communicated power and respect. The Yellow Hibiscus is Hawaii's state flower.
    "Planting Instructions:" Fill an 8 inches pot that has good drainage with potting soil and water thoroughly. Scrape or cut off wax on both ends of the cutting. For best results dip the cutting in a rooting solution before sticking the cutting 1-inch deep into the soil. Hibiscus plants like full sun and need to be watered often. Hibiscus cannot take a freeze.

    3 Packs of Fresh Hawaiian Hibiscus CuttingsRegular $42.00Sale $33.99


  • 3 Packs of Maui Grown Seeds
    3 Packs of Hawaiian White Ginger Roots
    2 Packs of Hawaiian Ti Leaf Canes
    3 Packs of Fresh Hawaiian Tuberose Bulbs
    3 Packs of Maui Grown Seeds

    Regular $36.00
    Sale $27.99
    3 Packs of Hawaiian White Ginger Roots

    2 Packs of Hawaiian Ti Leaf Canes

    3 Packs of Fresh Hawaiian Tuberose Bulbs

    Regular $45.00
    Sale $39.99

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