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Click to enlargeHala Tree<br>Hawaiian Aloha<br>Paradise Found<br>Blouse

100% Imported Rayon

Hala Tree Hawaiian Aloha Paradise Found Blouse has Sold Out in All colors & Sizes.

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"V-Neck", Button Front, Capped Sleeves, nicely finished with Rounded Bottom, hemmed on both front panels with hemmed 3" side slits. There is no front pocket or shoulder pads on Ladies Blouses.

The Hala Tree is a very important tree to Hawaiians. It is used in numerous ways. The tree most likely arrived in Hawai'i on it's own due to the fact that the seeds of the Hala Tree float. The Hala Tree can be found throughout the Pacific.

The Hala Tree is very distinctive looking. Growing up to 20 feet tall each tree has thick aerial roots that spread out into the ground. There are male and female versions of the Hala Tree. The fronds of each have long bent leaves and the female produces an 8 inch pineapple looking fruit in the center of the fronds.

Hawaiians use the entire tree in a variety of ways. The leaves can be woven into hats, mats, and roofing materials. The segments of the fruit were used as paint brushes and for food. Leis are made with the individual sections of the fruit and the wood of the tree has been used to create water pipes, posts and calabashes. The pollen of the sweet smelling male Hala flower (Hinano) was used to preserve feathers and leis.

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Hala Tree Hawaiian Blouse


Women's Paradise Found Hawaiian Blouse (Style 40) Size Chart

There are no universal size standards in the apparel business. One manufacturer’s large is another manufacturer’s medium, etc. These measurements, shown in inches, on this size chart, pertain to the Paradise Found Blouse - Style 40, and have no relationship to any other blouse maker, style or brand name.

To avoid returns or exchanges, please call the Toll Free Number, 10 A.M. to 3 P.M., local Maui Time, if you need further assistance with your size:
(1-866-628-4626). CLICK to see Local Maui Time: Maui Time.

BUST or CHEST measurement is the circumference measurement taken across the blouse front approximately 1 1/2" below the armpit seams.

LENGTH: Straight measurement taken from the back, top center, of the blouse to the bottom hem.

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