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Click to enlargePineapple Hibiscus Aloha Shirt

 A Paradise Found Shirt with a Waimea Casuals Label - Made in Hawaii, U.S.A. Men's Cotton Shirt

Paradise Found Brand - Made in HawaiiParadise Found - maker's of quality Hawaiian clothing for over 50 years.

100% Cotton

Pineapple Monstera Men's Paradise Found / Waimea Casuals Label shirt

All sizes have sold out. There is no more fabric. This shirt will not be made again. Please select an alternate print if possible.

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  • Men�s shirt pockets have been engineered to seamlessly match the print background

  • Ten strange, unusual, interesting facts about pineapple discovered:

    1. There are a lot of foods that affect the taste of your seminal or vaginal fluids, but pineapple is one of the strongest. Eating a lot of pineapple makes you taste sweeter, and less "fishy".

    2. When you cut up a pineapple at home, you normally toss out the skin, core and ends in the trash. The pineapple canning industry doesn't though; these bits are used for making alcohol, vinegar and animal feed.

    3. Each pineapple plant only produces just one pineapple per year.
    pineapple trivia
    4. Unripe pineapples don't just taste vile, but can actually be quite poisonous. Eating it causes serious throat irritation and it has a strong laxative effect.

    5. Pineapples grow slowly, and can take up to two years to reach full size, so we pick and eat them when they are much smaller, but if they are left to their own devices they can reach up to 9kg (20lbs).

    6. If you want to speed up the ripening of a pineapple, so that you can eat it faster; stand it upside down (on the leafy end).

    7. Traditionally pineapple juice was used as a diuretic and to induce labor.

    8. The Bromelain enzyme in pineapples breaks down proteins. This means that you can use pineapple or pineapple juice as a meat tenderizer.

    9. The same Bromelain enzyme means that you can't put fresh pineapple in jelly, because it breaks down the gelatin. You can stop this from happening by boiling the chunks of pineapple in their juice or in water for a few minutes, or you can use canned pineapple.

    10. In case you find yourself on a sailing trip in the tropics without any Ajax, you might like to know that pineapple juice mixed with sand works well for cleaning boat decks.

    Frequently Asked Questions
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    Pineapple Hibiscus Waimea Casuals mens shirt


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    Pua Blocks Waimea Casuals Men's Cotton Aloha Shirt

    Regular $60.00
    Sale $47.97
    Waimea Paradise Casuals Men's Shirt

    Pineapple Hibiscus Waimea Casuals mens shirt

    Men's Paradise Found - Rayon - Hawaiian Shirt
    Waimea Casuals / 100% Cotton - Size Chart
    31 1/2"-32 1/4"
    46 1/2" - 48"
    31 1/2" - 32 1/4"
    50" - 52"
    32 1/4" - 33"
    55" - 56"
    32 1/2" - 33 3/4"
    58" - 61"
    34 1/2" - 35"
    63" - 64"
    35" - 36"
    66" - 68"
    35" - 36 1/2"

    All Men's Paradise Found - Waimea Casuals Cotton shirts have plastic buttons that look like wood.

    LENGTH is the measurement from the top middle of the collar to the bottom of the shirt.
    SHIRT CHEST is the circumference measurement determined by adding the back and front. The measurement is taken from under the armpits from seam to seam.

    All Paradise Found / Waimea Bay Casuals shirts are handmade in limited quantities in Hawaii. These shirts are sewn to fit comfortably. They are NOT fitted shirts. There is no top button to close the neck.

    These Size Chart measurements are taken from PARADISE FOUND / Waimea Casuals shirts and DO NOT have any relationship to any other shirt manufacturer or brand name.
    Please measure a shirt from your wardrobe that fits you comfortably and compare the chest measurement to these measurements to avoid returns and exchanges.
    These measurements above are obtained from a random selection of Paradise Found shirts.

    These measurements are NOT measurements of your body.

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