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Click to enlargeHana Hottie Hot Sauces & BBQ Rubs

Hana Hotties Gourmet hot sauces are inspired by the wonderful flavors of Hana Maui, where the mountains flow gracefully into the sea. The constant trade winds keep the air so fresh and clean, it's no wonder the fruits are so happy! The fruits are straight off the tree. The chili peppers, sooo hot - a perfect complement for these sweet fruits. Hana Hotti brings these hand-blended sauces to your table with Aloha to be shared by your friends and family. According to the manufacturer the storage in your refrigerator or cupboard will not diminish flavor.

Hana Hottie sauce ingredients may discolor after a certain time depending on exposure to light and or heat. This is due to the fact that real fruit is used. Hana Hottie does not add ANY artificial color or artificial preservatives. The sauces are pasteurized as per Hawaii health department mandates. The sauces will still taste and retain flavor, it just will not maintain the color like it did when it was "freshly" made. As long as the bottle has not been opened and retained its seal it should still be tasty.

A change of color of any of the sauces is a common occurrence. It will not diminish the taste or potency.

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Hana Hotti Maui Hot Gourmet Sauces


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Hana Hottie uses the finest ingredients imaginable and available. The organically grown hand picked Hawaiian Chili Peppers are blended into the sauces. The chilies are picked from the pepperbush and go almost directly into the mix with the freshest hand picked organic fruits of Hana, Maui.

Those lucky enough to have visited Hana will call it Heaven on Earth. The temperature, soil, winds, and the rains make it ideal for the explosive flavors to build up in the fruits and chilies that go into the hand blended sauces. The only fruit that is not grown here in Hana are the Maui Gold Pineapple. The Maui Gold Pineapples are grown on the leeward side of the island, which is drier and ideal for the pineapples to become so sweet. Hana is on the windward side of Maui.

Since Hana Hottie uses only the freshest ingredients in their sauces, this limits the supply of certain flavors of the hot sauces. Please be patient with your order. Your order, in some instances, could require a second shipment and additional shipment costs for a second shipment after your apparel ships.

For example the Liliko'i (passion fruit) has a very short harvest period. The harvest period may last for only about one month. These exotic fruits don't yield much juice; there is only about a tablespoon of fresh juice per fruit. So you can imagine the time, labor and the amount of Liliko'i it takes to make one bottle of our famous HanaHotties Liliko'i Hot Sauce.

The limited supply is the same for our Kuawa (guava). By the time the Kuawa is pitted and ready to blend, more than half the weight of the Kuawa is lost.

So lots of Aloha goes into these sauces for all to enjoy.A perfect blend of exquisitely ripened Maui Gold Pineapple is employed int othe Pineapple Hot Sauce. The sweet juices from these pineapples make them renowned and cherished all over the world. The infusion of sweet and heat from the blend of the Hawaiian Chili Peppers and Maui Gold Pineapple is not to be missed! *Maui pineapple is not guaranteed organic.

Passion Fruit (Liliko'i), Guava (Kuawa) and Hawaiian chilies. Passion fruit, the name says it all. The flavor and aroma will whisk you away to paradise. The juice that comes from one passion fruit is a literal drop in a bucket. Depending on the size of the fruit, it takes over two dozen fruit to make about 1 to 3 fluid ounces. Only in season for a short time, enjoy it while supplies last. This one is good with guacamole and complements any Taco.

Papaya: The Papaya is used as they come off the trees. The ripened papayas are blended to make HanaHotties gourmet hot sauce. Once you've tasted this unique blend of sweet papaya fruit and spicy chilis, there is no going back. Here is a hot tip from the Hana Postmaster; "...use this spicy concoction as a dip for fresh bananas".

HanaHottie Hot Sauces are perfect marinade for grilling fish, chicken, pork, and red meats. The HanaHotties hot sauce works well with fruit salads and fruit salsa.

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